• good heat-sealing strength in low temperature/high glossiness oustanding material composite,good heat-sealing strength in low temperature,high glossiness of aluminum layer

• Application: the package for the food, medicine,daily necessities and so on, using for inflation.


CPP aluminizing film produced by our company has advantage properties of gas-resisting , moisture-resisting , lightblocking and fragrance-holding , what's more , it can prevent almost all the ultravoilet ray , visible light and infrared ray , which can prolong the lives of the content inside. Owning to the good eletrical conductivity with electrostatic eliminating, it has good seal performance specially when packing the power in order to reduce the incidence of leakage.Because of the thickness uniformity of the aluminum layer under 1.5 ohmic resistance , it have strong adhesion and heat-sealtable properties,which is widely used in the package for the pot food(for example: the biscuit) and daily necessities as well as other decoration and so on